Will takes lead for Nordonia boys tennis

Roger Gordon
Nordonia Knights

Spencer Will lost his first two tennis matches of the season, but Nordonia’s No. 1 singles player is not letting that get him down.

“Spencer definitely is motivated,” Knights head coach Ryan Vehar said. “We’re working together and watching his opponents, trying to figure out what we can do to change a little bit of our strategy to give us a little bit of an edge. Spencer was doing what he could to get games, but it just wasn’t enough in his first two matches.”

Will lost his first match of the season 4-6, 6-2, 6-2 March 30 in Nordonia’s 4-1 defeat at Brunswick. Freshman third singles player Ranbeer Bajwa was Nordonia’s lone victor that day at 6-4, 6-3.

“That match Spencer lost was tough with the wind that day. It was real tough conditions,” said Vehar. “It could go back and forth as far as who is adapting to the wind at the time. Spencer started off pretty well with the wind, but then he started struggling with it a little bit as far as hitting his shots.

"He had to readapt to how much the wind was affecting his shots, which he did. But I think his opponent was just able to get a little more comfortable with the conditions after the first set.”

On Wednesday, Will fell again at first singles 6-3, 6-2 in his team’s 5-0 loss at Aurora.

“The other guy is a really good club player, a very good player, has a lot of tennis under belt,” Vehar said. “It was cold, and the elements were tough for both guys. Spencer actually played a lot better than he did against Brunswick. He frustrated his opponent. There were long points. Even though he lost, he got himself into the swing of the season.”

According to his coach, Will has improved dramatically from two years ago when he was second singles. He was not on the team his freshman year.

“Spencer comes from a tennis family,” he said. “Even though last season was cancelled, he continued to work on his game. Ever since he joined the team his sophomore year, he really started dedicating himself to tennis, not just, “Hey, I know how to play tennis,” but “I want to get better at this game, I want to be a team leader, I want to help our team win.

“Spencer sets the tone for the other guys around him. That’s been a good thing. He takes practice seriously. He’s one of our top people who communicates with the team, making sure everybody knows if there’s been a practice change, a time change for a match or a cancellation. He’s a great student and a good leader. He’s definitely the backbone of our team.”