Nordonia boys tennis returns solid squad

Roger Gordon
Nordonia Knights

The Nordonia boys tennis team has some talented players, but if they are not at the top of their games in most matches, team wins will be hard to come by.

“We’re decent across the board, but there are definitely going to be days where, if we’re not on our best game, it’s going to be tough to get victories,” said Ryan Vehar, now in his 20th season as head coach.

Senior Spencer Will is slated to be the Knights’ No. 1 singles player.

“Spencer is a pretty consistent player, tries to keep the ball in play,” Vehar said. “He’s trying to get his game to a level where he can be solid, consistent and have his serves working as well as can be.”

The No. 2 singles spot will be manned by senior Mark Ehrman, while freshman Ranbeer Bajwa will be No. 3 singles.

“Mark is another baseline player,” said Vehar. “He covers the court well and sometimes goes for bigger shots. He’s working on his consistency. If he gets things going, he can really start playing well.

“Ranbeer came in ready to go. He has a solid game and knows tennis pretty well. He actually probably has the most different amount of shots that he plays throughout a point. He’ll slice, he’ll go with topspin, he’ll move around and come in to the net more frequently when he feels like it. He has good hands, and he can pretty much get out of any issue he’s in.”

The No. 1 doubles team will be made up of senior Cole Gabel and freshman Drew Kitzmiller.

“Cole and Drew are right there,” the coach said. “They’re decent volleyers. Cole has played some doubles before. He primarily played it his sophomore year.”

Vying for the No. 2 doubles position are seniors Robin Ghorta, Jordan Reynolds, Matthew Kerosky and Lauleen Multani.

Vehar is looking for his team to have a decent season.

“We want to compete every day, never give up when you’re out on the court, try to get better every day and try to learn something from each practice and each match,” he said. “Our win-loss record is completely unpredictable. I don’t know what the competition will be like, so it’s pretty hard to speculate. Not having a season last year doesn’t help.

“We could go 2-19 or we could go 11-8. We can’t go 19-2, I’ll tell you that much.”

The Knights are scheduled to open the season at Brunswick Tuesday at 4 p.m.