Asks everyone to 'do your part' to stop COVID-19

Staff Writer
Kent Weeklies

As many of us are hoping for school and fall sports to return, wondering when things will "get back to normal", my observations is this: If they are cancelled we have ourselves to blame.

I have seen Facebook posts and tweets of large parties, cars packed with teenagers and summer sports participants hugging and giving high fives all without masks or social distancing, things that are the most proven to reduce the spread of COVID-19. It is not, should not, be a surprise the case numbers and hospitalizations are on the rise.

This pandemic will not go away without all our efforts. As we get near influenza season things will likely be chaotic with high rates of school absence; student and teachers. Any child out with suspected COVID-19 is out a minimum of 10 days. If we all do our part the far reaching effects of this pandemic can be reduced, sparing us missed work, missed school and loss of loved ones. Please do your part. Make a difference for Hudson.

Douglas Hackenberg, MD, Hudson