Argues against opening schools during pandemic

Staff Writer
Kent Weeklies

The pictures of adults partying without social distancing from states experiencing spikes in COVID-19 cases should give every parent nightmares.

How are schools going to do social distancing? A 6-foot space around each desk means very few desks in a room. Is your school going to split up classes and have kids online at home part of the week? How are you going to get kids to wear masks all day when adults, who should be more responsible, often don't?

An article from July 22 in Business Insider stated guests and staff at a Swiss hotel were more likely to get COVID-19 when the staff wore face shields and that staff wearing masks provided better protection. So, shields may not be enough.

How often does your kid wash their hands at school normally, let alone during a pandemic? Is every child getting a temperature check before entering the building? Children spread germs so easily, as all parents have learned. Kids can get COVID-19 and spread it to teachers, janitors, parents, siblings, grandparents, etc. Many of these people , especially adults, will have worse infections. The best case is that you and your kid are out for 14 days with a mild infection. The worse case can be a whole lot worse.

President Trump, Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos , and other Republicans who support withholding federal funding from schools that don't reopen are reprehensible and don't care about you and your kid. In person school should wait until there is a vaccine for COVID-19, or more people will die from this virus.

Deb Lichtenberger, Hudson