Feels new political group 'isn't about kumbaya'

Staff Writer
Kent Weeklies

Well, there it is, a full-page ad for Hudson Files on Page 3 of the July 12, 2020 issue of the Hub. The ad says it all about what this group is up to, which is to convince you that you’re living in a corrupt city, where money is spent frivolously, in a town that is poorly governed and maintained and where decisions are made in secret in smoke-filled back rooms.

“Do You Know What Hudson’s City Government Is Up To?” shouts the headline and then the ad concludes with “Read the emails that City Hall doesn’t want you to see…”

Hello National Enquirer. Move over Chicago, here comes Hudson.

So, do you really feel Hudson is as they suggest? Do you really think we’re headed for the dumpster? I’ll bet most of you don’t feel that way. I’ll bet you think Hudson is a wonderful city in which to live and to raise your family and that over the years, city government has served us well.

Think about this. Who requests emails of public officials at a local level in a town our size unless they are from a news organization or have a political agenda? So, what is the agenda? It clearly isn’t about kumbaya. And speaking of politics, this is the same group that got $9,000 from two deep pockets to oppose Phase II using inaccurate statements and made-up costs. So much for truth, justice and the American way.

Just beware of prophets promising better times. You’ve heard that story before and how did that work out?

Jim Cowan, Hudson