Response: Low-income housing is not a race issue

Staff Writer
Kent Weeklies

There are lots of good intentions to combat and remedy racism in our country. I hope the fervor needed to actually change our hearts and minds given its deep-rooted and systemic nature outlasts our proclivity to apply Band-Aids.

How to recognize cause and effect and then challenge perceptions that pervade our thinking and understand how it impacts every aspect of our society? Sometimes we are unaware of the complexities and don’t see how intentional it is. Religious organizations understand and teach that systemic racism is a justice issue. Our legal system claims it but is flawed.

I am responding to a recent letter suggesting Hudson creates low-income housing by reason of racism. The need for low-income housing transcends race, it’s a matter of poverty and other predisposing social factors that can affect anyone. This is a serious issue not to be treated lightly.

Pat Simons, Hudson