Calls Heritage Foundation opinion 'campaign ad'

Staff Writer
Kent Weeklies

I was surprised to see an essay, “US Correct to make WHO Demands” from the Heritage Foundation in the Editorial Section of the Twinsburg Bulletin last week. I am a big fan of the paper and read it from cover to cover every week. While I agreed wholeheartedly with the first paragraph of the article, that was the last reasonable or verifiable piece of information contained therein.

Provenance is everything. The Heritage Foundation is a far right think tank. Their mission is clear and connected to ALEC, the American Legislative Council, an organization that writes legislation to support the Republican Party. Because they are “non profit” they do not have to reveal their financial supporters, but Betsy DeVos is one.

They are anti public education just to name one. This is not an editorial but a campaign ad in support of the Trump campaign . At the very least the article should include the political connections of Mr. Carafano and the Heritage Foundation and should be labeled as an ad and charged accordingly.

Mari Franks, Reminderville