Letter to the Editor: Critical Race Theory 'biggest threat' to nation

Kent Weeklies

In my opinion, Critical Race Theory (CRT) is divisive, subversive, and one of the biggest threats our nation is facing today.  The main thrust of CRT is to use racism as a wedge to divide and pit one class of Americans against another, which only leads to more hatred, division, social chaos, and eventually violence.  The underlying and insidious goal of CRT is to transform our 250-year-old capitalistic constitutional republic, which has created the most prosperous nation in the world, into a socialist Marxist dictatorial state. 

Many well-intentioned proponents of CRT are being influenced by false inflammatory rhetoric, such as “America is dominated by white fragility and supremacy,” and misled by conflating equity, which redistributes wealth, with equality, which gives everyone an equal opportunity to create wealth.  The most sinister aspect of CRT is how its proponents are using it to indoctrinate our children in their classrooms by rewriting history with lies, distortions, and half-truths about racism in America. 

Instead of offering constructive ways to spread prosperity to all Americans, CRT concentrates on how to divide and destroy our nation.  This is why we must oppose teaching Critical Race Theory and its derivations in all our institutions, and urge our Ohio legislators to join several other states in passing legislation to ban it from our classrooms. 

Our nation is not perfect and needs more communication and understanding between the races, and more constructive bipartisan action by our political leaders and educators to level the economic and educational playing field.  We do not need the racism that CRT promotes. 

Jeff Keil, Hudson