Letter to the Editor: Concerns over race theory 'perpetuates systemic racism'

Kent Weeklies

A letter to editor printed in this paper May 23 was concerned about race theory and Hudson DEI curriculum. I found that letter heartfelt but a clear example of blissful ignorance. I can respect and appreciate that parent’s protective purpose but not honor it, because however well-intended it is myopia like his that perpetuates systemic racism. He is truly helping no one, certainly not his shielded child who will inevitably confront the fears and frustrations of her friends and colleagues, those persons of color she was supposed to forever see as little different from herself.

What could indeed be forever is hardening of those fears and frustrations if their underlying cause remains without remedy: discrimination and inequality in housing and education, finance and livable wage, civil rights and public safety, and that precious value of our democracy an unimpaired right to vote. These factors suppressing opportunity in lives of people of color today are remnants of historic racism, and they will not just go away on their own, will not disappear into vapor like that parent’s dreams of purity for his daughter. The memorable dream of MLK Jr. whom this parent quotes in his letter will never see fulfillment if we don’t help in peaceful struggle for it.

Beyond commendably caring enough for community to share his views in public, that dutiful parent might redirect his concern to rectify centuries-long cause of our inherent racism -- yes, to some degree it’s in all of us, whether we acknowledge it or not. He might accept teaching “Critical Race Theory” as a near-desperate shock effort, hopefully not limited to academia despite sham political purpose of misdirecting us from issues in genuine need of remedy.

Robert Uhlenhake, Hudson