Letter to the Editor: Easter Egg Hunt organizers did 'a stupendous job'

Kent Weeklies

 I know it's been over a month since the Easter Egg Hunt Event took place in Silver Springs Park in Stow, but I thought it was important to let the people who organized the event that they did a stupendous job. 

Our church was very happy to be involved in it, and to act as a "sponsor" for the Easter Bunny.  Like other participants, Stow Community Church felt the joy of the season,  with children running from place to place to pick up their "stash" and an egg to be exchanged for a filled one at the end!  How clever was that? 

Our members joined together to put together hundreds of small bags with coloring pages and treats, to be handed out to so many on that day.  The representatives from our church were happy to be there and have said they hope Stow will continue to have such events that include the churches such as our own. 

These are the examples our community is fortunate to have during these times - something to smile about and something to be grateful for.  It is good to be in Stow, right close to our City Hall, but somewhat hidden behind the Briarwood Nursing Home there on Graham Road.  We like to help make Stow shine.

Jeannine Case, Stow Community Church