Letter to the Editor: Urges parents 'to become involved' in curriculum content

Kent Weeklies

During the May 10 school board meeting, a number of concerned residents/parents addressed the board in regards to curriculum, now being taught in the Hudson Schools,  specific to Diversity Equity and Inclusion. Parents/residents, (video available for review on the Hudson Schools website) expressed their concerns that Critical Race Theory is being taught to children and that no child should “be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” - Dr. M.L. King

Critical Race Theory, as defined by Wikipedia, is “an academic movement of civil - rights scholars and activists in the United States who seek to critically examine the law as it intersects with issues of race and to challenge mainstream liberal approaches to racial justice.”

One school board member, one that also sits on the Hudson DEI committee, stated, “I will have to look more into what critical race is. I assume it is a theory about race.”

The teaching in the schools of Critical Race Theory is one of the biggest social issues that will impact a generation of children and public education now and in the future. This makes it difficult to believe our Hudson School Board members are unaware of the issue and the concern.

In contacting the Hudson Diversity Equity and Inclusion Alliance, they advised that they "do not have to comply with Sunshine Laws and therefore are not required to make their meetings open to the public.”

That said, as parents and residents of Hudson, you do have a say in what is taught and the content of what is taught to your children. The next scheduled Hudson school board meetings are scheduled for May 24 and June 14 held at the Hudson High School at 7 p.m.

I urge all parents to become involved and make your voices heard.

Julie Erickson, Hudson