Letter to the Editor: Thanks voters for supporting library levy

Kent Weeklies

Two months ago, I kicked off the Hudson Library’s levy campaign by asking you to vote "Yes" to renew the levy that funds the library’s operation. This Tuesday, you voted in overwhelming numbers in support of your library and your community. On behalf of the board and the library staff, we extend our most sincere thanks for passing the renewal levy, and we thank you for all the ways you support the library throughout the year.

I have often said that every day brings a new reason to be proud to be associated with the Hudson Library. Today, I am proud of the library because of its many dedicated patrons and because of the wonderful community that supports it. It was so gratifying to stand at a polling station on Tuesday and have so many voters express they were excited to come out to vote simply to support our magnificent Library.

Our patrons are responsible for much of the library’s success. For example, circulation numbers and programming attendance play a major role in earning the distinguished Five-Star Rating from the Library Journal for eight consecutive years. Those numbers also play a major role in determining the funding received through Ohio’s Public Library Fund (PLF). Every year, the Hudson Library’s circulation numbers are phenomenal, and the success of the Hudson’s programming is unparalleled among peer libraries. The vitality of the library is attributable in large measure to a community that is engaged: engaged in reading, engaged in learning, engaged in culture, and engaged in self-betterment of all sorts.

The Hudson Library & Historical Society appreciates this great show of confidence, and everyone there will be working hard to provide one of the premier libraries in the nation.

Basil J. Musnuff, Hudson

President, Hudson Library Board of Trustees