Letter to the Editor: Says privacy should be issue, not Title IX initiative

Kent Weeklies

The March 28 Hudson Hub-Times ran an article regarding photos of Hudson High female athletes appearing in a South Dakota campaign defending Title IX and the protection of fairness in women’s sports. 

Whether or not the photos of Hudson athletes should have been used without permission and attribution is a worthy debate on privacy, state Rep. Casey Weinstein chose to opine on South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem’s initiative being “transphobic.” Secondarily seems to be concern for the girl’s privacy.

I would suggest the S.D. governor’s defense of Title IX and the integrity of women’s sports has everything to do with common sense and nothing to do with transphobia. Boys claiming to be girls have a massively unfair advantage when competing against females. X and Y chromosomes determine not only the sex of an individual, but many broad characteristics as well. From strength to aggression there are pronounced differences between men and women beyond their sexual organs. No matter whether a boy subjectively identifies as a girl, he/she still carries an X and a Y chromosome and has the physical strength of a boy/man.

Rep. Weinstein’s slur of transphobia is an ad hominem and base attack in defense of his own incoherent position that ignores biological science and all common sense.

Mark Kesic, Hudson