Letter to the Editor: 'Blessed to have been Twinsburg Tiger'

Kent Weeklies

"Hey Evan, you’re going to be president one day.” 

When a teacher told me this in middle school, it was one of many memorable moments, provided by Twinsburg City School District, that helped me accomplish goals and push me into my career path. 

My name is Evan Smith, and I’m a Global Process Engineer, Skin Care Digital Lead, and BEU CT President at Unilever. I graduated in chemical engineering from Purdue University and from THS in 2012.

Throughout my childhood, many teachers, coaches, programs, and principals have had a positive impact on my life. My journey to becoming a chemical engineer started when I was in the third grade at Bissell with Belinda McKinney (formerly Ms. Scott). Ms. Scott took two students and I to Cable 9 News where we received a chance to be interviewed on TV. I shared how I like mixing things together and once tried to make a toothpaste out of cleaning supplies and lotion,and then tried to give it to my brother. This experience that Ms. Scott created stuck with me and gave the spark for my interest in STEM.

When I graduated into Dodge and was enrolled in the honors program, memories like this continued to be made every year. TCSD gave examples to look up to, lessons to take with me through college and my career, experiences that opened my eyes to new possibilities, and opportunities to give back and understand the true meaning of community. I stuck with roughly the same 32 kids in my classes for the rest of my K-12 career and I believe we had the best possible staff. 

I would not be where I am today without the support and guidance I’ve received and am truly thankful and blessed to have been a Twinsburg Tiger.

Evan L. Smith, Trumbull, CT