Letter to the Editor: Library 'a constant in our lives'

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Letters to the editor

Through thick and thin there are some things in Hudson that endure and endear. Their presence can sometimes be taken for granted - like our park system, excellent schools and the library.

Over our 28 years in Hudson, the library has been a constant in our lives, like a good friend who is always there. The award- winning exemplary services, resources and programs have enriched our lives over time. Even through COVID, our library strives to change and adjust in order to provide for us. It is a place for people to grow, learn, explore and engage in the free exchange of ideas. Our library is a reflection of our community values and our civic interests.

A modest renewal levy is a responsible position given economic unknowns due to pandemic, enough to keep operations and facilities afloat. And having the library’s construction paid off in December 2020, puts us in a stronger position.

Please join us in voting for the renewal levy in May for Hudson Library and Historical Society.

Pat and Chuck Simons, Hudson