Letter: Teachers' impact carries 'long after graduation'

Kent Weeklies

I graduated from Twinsburg High School in 2012. Back then, I was a B and C student with a drive to just finish high school and move on to the next step, whatever that looked like.

The sport programs taught discipline, teamwork, and commitment to personal and team goals. Teachers influenced many THS 12’ alumni’s decisions on what their next “step” was. Mr. Kirtley’s Interactive Media class influenced people to get involved in filming, broadcasting, and video production. Mr. DuBois influenced others to get into business administration, accounting, entrepreneurship, and marketing. Both teachers influenced me to get out of my comfort zone and follow my passion.

My next step was attending Kent State University where I received two bachelor's degrees in entrepreneurship and marketing. Additionally, I studied abroad in Europe for seven weeks giving me the opportunity to travel to Italy, Croatia, Switzerland, France, and Greece.

Currently, I’m the owner of Milia Marketing. We are a digital marketing agency specializing in digital marketing solutions for small businesses to Fortune 500 organizations.

We’ve been named as a Top Digital Marketing Agency by Yahoo! Finance. I’ve served on the board for multiple organizations, named Top 25 under 35 in Cleveland, and more.

After graduating from THS, I carried that same structure, discipline, and ability to manage time and applied it to my personal and professional goals.

Teachers make an impact inside the classroom that carry long after graduation. Keeping and providing new opportunities to students at an early age can drastically influence the path each student takes.

I hope to see the city and the community work together to continue providing new opportunities for students and providing teachers with the resources they need to make an impact in and outside of the classroom.

Anthony Milia, Tremont