Letter to the Editor: Urges support of Issue 1 for library

Kent Weeklies

Five years ago, our community expressed overwhelming support for the Hudson Library & Historical Society by passing a levy to provide local funding for its operations. Now that levy is expiring, the library board is asking you to show your support once again by voting "Yes" on Issue 1 and renewing the current levy of 2.9 mils to continue the operation of our beloved library.

The library has seen its costs of operating increase due to expanded services, new technology and many other factors. However, the Board recognizes the economic strain created by the COVID-19 crisis and the uncertainty facing our taxpayers. Out of sensitivity to these concerns, the board has chosen not to ask the community for an increase at this time. Passing a “Renewal” of the current levy means that the various rollbacks taxpayers receive will stay in place and the income to the library will not increase despite recent reevaluations.

Local funding through the levy provides ⅔ of the library’s operating funds at a time when state funding has remained essentially flat since 2007. This is why passage of the renewal levy is essential to allow the Library to maintain services, to keep abreast of emerging technologies, and to continue to bring educational and enlightening programs to our patrons here in Hudson.

Hudson has every reason to be proud of its library. For eight consecutive years, it has received a Five-Star Rating – the very highest level of recognition. On behalf of the Board of Trustees, I ask you to join us in supporting the library by voting "Yes" on Issue 1.

Basil J. Musnuff, President, Hudson Library Board of Trustees