Letter to the Editor: Poses a number of questions on many thoughts

Kent Weeklies

Does 2 plus 2 still equal 4? Doesn’t it seem that the economic, political and emotional climate today is rife with contradiction? Is everyone entitled to their own set of facts depending upon their lifestyle, political party, race, religion or economic status? Seems so, doesn’t it? I remember my grandparents saying, “This world is going insane!” Is it? Didn’t my parents say the same thing as they aged?

What’s a person to do when uncertainty and emotions run rampant? Do people still care about truth? Is our country really in decline? Do our elected leaders represent us faithfully? Can we trust our own government? Is it us against them? Does anybody in Washington know how to run a household on a budget?

Do our churches take a strong enough stance on the issues of today? Are our children receiving a good education? Is global warming really a problem? What will life be like after COVID? Do we just give in to problems or do we seek solutions to issues? Isn’t it easier to give in to difficulty and let someone else do the heavy lifting? Are we really free people? What’s a person to do?

Lastly, how can I compose a missive containing 24 sentences with a question mark after each and expect it to be thought provoking?

Any questions?

 Len Sikora, Stow