Letter to the Editor: Finds editorial 'biased and extremely inaccurate'

Kent Weeklies

I wish the newspaper's editorials would be more balanced in the future. The column by Ms. Andrea McDaniels in the Feb. 21 issue was obviously biased and extremely inaccurate.

Her comment that the 1619 Project "tells the truth" about American History is itself a distortion of the truth. It presents a totally inaccurate and distorted view of American History. She followed that remark with another outright distortion when she stated that "African-Americans built this country."

Yes, slavery was an immoral and terrible institution and yes, African-Americans helped build this country, but so did Irish-American immigrants, Italian-American immigrants, Asian-American immigrants, Hispanic-American immigrants, European settlers and many others.

If we are going to unite this nation, we must speak truthfully. Black History Month can be a useful tool in that healing. We have made tremendous progress in racial and ethnic relations as witnessed by the large number of Black and Brown immigrants fleeing to our borders.

We must honor the contribution of all Americans and not pit one group against another. Martin Luther King's "I have a dream speech" is an excellent starting point.

James Lunsford, Cuyahoga Falls