Tallmadge Fire Corner: There's Danger on the Ice!

Kent Weeklies

The latest cold snap as begun to take its toll on open bodies of water by icing them over. This can look appealing to many individuals to venture out on that frozen lake.

The Tallmadge Fire Department wants to warn everyone that this is not a good idea. Ice is unpredictable, the density can change anywhere and at any time. Cold weather below freezing is not the only good indicator for solid ice to form, there are many other variables, so you can never be quite sure.

If a person has fallen through the ice, call 9-1-1 immediately. Try to stay in visual contact with the person and encourage them to stay above the ice. If you have an item that you can throw out to them such as a rope or something to grab onto, you might be able to help pull them out. Do not become a victim yourself.

Many wild animals and sometimes domestic animals end up out on the ice. If an animal is in distress, please do not take matters into your own hands. Call for help! It may be hard to resist going in after them, but you will put yourself, others trying to help and the lives of rescuers in danger.

— Submitted by Sandy Ray of the Tallmadge Fire Department.