Letter to the editor: Portage Health District commended for outstanding service

John Kudley Jr.
Letter to the Editor

The volunteers, nurses, doctors, paramedics and professionals who organized and administered the Portage County Combined Health District COVID-19 vaccination clinic are to be commended for their outstanding service to the citizens of Portage County. As an individual who fell into the 70+ age group the process of registering for the program was easy and updates on the status of the program were timely. Upon arriving at my scheduled appointment time I was warmly greeted and provided clear instructions and assistance while moving through the process. I would advise those who have registered to periodically check their email “spam” folder since the appointment notification may have appeared there. While vaccination is not mandatory, as an elected official, I believe it is incumbent upon me to encourage everyone to be vaccinated, continue to wear mask and to follow all the proper COVID-19 protocols.

John Kudley, Jr., councilman-at-large, Aurora