Letter to the Editor: Wants to 'preserve Hudson's charm' for future generations

Kent Weeklies

I wrote to this paper shortly after Hudson Schools announced intentions to tear down another historic school building on Oviat Street, the former Hudson Middle School.

Not only is the building an anchor of the community, but it was built to last. Fortunately Hudson Schools came to their senses and saved the building, a decision already paying dividends, as it's now being utilized for elementary school students. 

Unfortunately I was not able to attend a recent webinar on the plan to redevelop the building into condos, although that sounds like a pretty good idea to me.  My concern, however is that the plan calls for building two additional houses on the front lawn of the building, an area currently being used for recess. 

This open green space contains four tall, majestic oak trees.  The value of these oak trees to the neighborhood and community writ large is great. As a former member of Hudson Tree Commission I cannot emphasize enough the value, both tangible and intangible, of trees. They save houses on heating and air conditioning cost as well as the intrinsic valuable to climate and ecosystems.

Jeers to the plan to build on this established green space, and that is not to mention the relatively small lot size.  What happened to Hudson’s half acre lot size minimum - are we now offering blanket exemptions?

I firmly believe that green space is what endears people to our city. I implore leadership to consider it as the ultimate objective in this development and others to preserve Hudson’s charm to generations to come. 

William Robinson, Hudson