Letter to the Editor: Shares thoughts on Theiss Road project

Kent Weeklies

As a former Democratic Party loyalist, I lauded the Party ideals of conservation and preservation of land and animals. However; I’ve had a change of heart. I find Republican ideals to be quite refreshing. I applaud strip mining, deforestation, fracking and the extensive burning of fossil fuels.

As my political ideals have recently evolved, so too has my newfound support of the 15-year tax-free development of the 45 Akron-owned acres on Theiss Road. Here are some reasons for my change of heart:

Peace of mind knowing our Metro Parks would love nothing more than a Ryan Home development adjacent to their Hampton Hills Mountain Bike Trail.

There will be safer driving conditions on Northampton and Theiss roads. Deer accidents and road kill will be lessened with the decimation of all wildlife from the heavily forested 45- acre Akron parcel.

Theiss Road is curvy and quite dark. Hopefully, the future developer will plan for an abundance of LED streetlights to illuminate our dismal night sky. Starry constellations are overrated.

My kids will have a new neighborhood to trick or treat.

In 2036 or so, Woodridge will see quite the tax revenue increase, just in time for my first grandchild’s start of kindergarten.

Myself and all my Woodridge buddies can move into the new housing development and live a tax-free lifestyle for 15 years. We’ll charter boats and planes together with our tax savings.

Perhaps the Woodridge student body will grow large enough with the influx of Akron students that we can move up a division in athletics. The flipside is that if our levies fail, we’d likely be a pay-to-play type district with no busing.

Well, on second thought, these scenarios are unlikely. Akron officials would never go against a Democratic Party ideal. Looks like my kids might not be able to trick or treat in the new neighborhood after all.

Eric Howell, Cuyahoga Falls