Letter: Proposed bills for school funding need support

Kent Weeklies

When I began working on levies for Woodridge Local Schools, I interacted with many of you that both agreed and disagreed with the need for the levies. The team of people involved in our campaigns made a commitment to do something about the unconstitutional school funding model with the hope of easing the tax burden.

We have kept our word through the creation of the Woodridge Advocacy Network and subsequent Ohio Public School Advocacy Network striving to build better legislative relationships focused on issues related to public education with funding being one of the key topics of interest.

I write to you today to inform you that right now there are two bills in our legislature aimed at making a significant shift in the way our schools are funded. It changes the model to be 60% property tax and 40% income, some help for retirees in our community. It is not a perfect solution but puts Ohio on a path to continue seeking perfection.

It has overwhelming support in the House with 66 of 99 bi-partisan co-sponsors. However, it continues to be held up in the Senate. While a new bipartisan version of the Bill has been taken up in the Senate (SB376), it too lags in support from our elected Senators. There are numerous benefits this solution brings to public education that I believe are worthy of our support.

I encourage you to study the contents and if you agree, leverage the power of representative governing, and encourage Sen. Roegner to become a co-sponsor. While this Bill will not be a significant funding boost to Woodridge, it will be an increase and a step forward. Work will remain and we are committed to that pursuit of perfection, but we need your help now. We can benefit from this initial progress today.

Scott Karlo, Cuyahoga Falls