Letter: 'Deep gratitude' from Falls school board for levy passage

Kent Weeklies

The members of the Cuyahoga Falls School Board wish to express our deep gratitude to the voters of our community for the passage of Issue 36, which renews a district operating levy first passed in 2005.

The levy, which was also renewed in 2009 and 2014, maintains approximately 10% of the district’s operating revenue for another five years, and is particularly critical this year due to the challenges the district has faced during the COVID-19 pandemic. Passage of Issue 36 will allow the district to maintain its financial position and avoid cuts that would adversely affect students.

Moreover, the board and administration can now remain focused on emphasizing our core business of student learning and achievement, even as we get the proverbial ball rolling on the district’s new middle and high school buildings that were made possible by the passage of last year’s bond issue.

Issue 36’s passage also shows how genuinely supportive of our schools the community continues to be — and the investment in our youth is worth every penny. What’s more (and though it may by now sound like a cliché), strong schools really do make a strong community, and Cuyahoga Falls is getting stronger and stronger as the years go by. Continued community support of the schools helps ensure our community continues to prosper.

The passage of Issue 36 helps ensure our schools remain “the hub of our community,” and it is the community we have to thank for it, so we wish to express our heartfelt appreciation. Thank you for your continued support of our school district, and, to echo Dr. Todd Nichols, “be well, stay safe, and as always, Go Black Tigers.”

Anthony Gomez, Alex Hall, Kathy Moffet, Karen Schofield & Patrice White, Cuyahoga Falls Board of Education