Letter: Has 'strong concern' about Akron's sale of property

Kent Weeklies

I want to voice a strong concern I have regarding the sale of the property between Hardy and Theiss roads by the city of Akron.

I lived in Cuyahoga Falls for six years and during that time I saw one green space after the next be stripped, leveled and built upon.  I can not tell you the exact number of developments I observed but too many to count.

Living in Prescott Commons, I personally experienced this sad fact.  The property behind many of the homes there was stripped of every single tree, while the city sat by and gave the stamp of approval even though we had signatures and residents expressing their dismay and pleading to have this property saved.  Nope, didn't happen.

And this happened with a Democrat for the mayor and it is still happening in Cuyahoga Falls.  I had pleaded for my councilman to work to make the Falls a Tree City.  He said it was already a tree city.  I say, it is a Trees Please City.  

Unfortunately, being a Democrat does not mean you are concerned about the environment, concerned about green space, global warming, animal habitat and tree and plant life flourishing.

This is the same story for the Democratic mayor of Akron.

Please, where is the conscience of our leaders.  It should not be all about the god of income tax.

Dianne Papes, Kent