Letter: Considers calls to 'Defund the Police'

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Letter to the Editor

Defund the police – really?

The other month I saw several young people with various protest signs at Route 303 and 91. Among them were several signs that wanted to “Defund the Police”. The ignorance of these protesters with signs like that is very disappointing and unsettling.

Yes, we have had some tragic events occur involving the police nationwide, however, collectively those events represent less than 1% of questionable actions; meaning that over 99% police actions are for the good of the public. Defunding the police will solve nothing.

Just look at several of the major cities where police are retiring or quitting; and what is the result? A dramatic increase in crime. And who would want that job today? Our shameful elected officials are responsible for this. But let’s take this perverse logic a step further.

How about teachers who have committed harmful actions or have been deemed incompetent? Should we defund the schools? Or how about doctors that make an error in diagnosis or a mistake in an operation? Should we defund doctors? The list could go on.

However, on the other hand we have members of Congress who repeatedly fabricate information or misuse taxpayer funds for their own personal benefit. Should we defund congress? Now that is something worth considering!

Peter Loal, Hudson