Letter: Says Akron should preserve 45 acres as green space

Kent Weeklies
Letter to the editor

The city of Akron is planning on selling 45 acres of green space in the Merriman Valley to large housing developers. This piece of land is the last major green space owned by the city and is home to much wildlife.

If this land were to be sold to developers, they would rid it of its natural beauty to build 65 to 110 upscale houses. These houses would cost as much as $420,000 each to buy.

Building the development would not only negatively impact wildlife, but also air quality and the Cuyahoga Valley. Runoff, flooding, and traffic would greatly increase as well. A conservation organization is willing to preserve the green space by paying the city's asking price, but the city has refused.

Rather than considering preserving the land, the city has rushed to sell it off to developers without any community input or an environmental impact study. By preserving the land, everyone is able to enjoy the beauty of Akron and protect the ecosystems that depend on it.

Adding a bike and hike trail would allow more people to make use of the land for recreational purposes. Schools could take field trips to learn about the plants and animals that call this land home. We need to preserve the greenspace for future generations to enjoy and for the wildlife who reside there.

Anna Schluep, Cuyahoga Falls