Letter: Opposes new development in 'pristine forest'

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Letters to the editor

Development at what cost? It was recently brought to my attention that Akron was trying to push through a new housing development on 45 acres of pristine forest, an area that is virtually in my backyard.

Sadly, last week was the first I have heard of this plan. The area in question sits between Theiss and Hardy Roads and is adjacent to the city of Cuyahoga Falls. This land is located near the Hampton Hills Mountain Bike Area, the CVNP, and the Summit Metro Parks that my friends and family love so much.

Akron is engaged in a clandestine effort to sell the land that we love to developers, so that roughly 50 people can enjoy half-million-dollar homes. It appears as though Akron is only concerned in generating tax revenue and catering to the rich.

To my knowledge, there have been no public hearings on this matter. In addition, it is my understanding that the Western Reserve Land Conservancy has agreed to pay Akron what they want for the land, but the city is not interested in this option.

Perhaps city leaders should familiarize themselves with the “Earthshot Prize.” This organization is giving away $50 million over the next decade to cities who create policies that protect the environment. Akron needs to create a policy of preserving green spaces and then apply for this million dollar award, instead of selling out to multi-million dollar companies profiting from the destruction of forest and wildlife.

As for Cuyahoga Falls, why are we turning a blind eye? Why has the city council and the mayor not had a public hearing on something that will obviously impact the citizens they represent? Readers, if you are interested in this issue, go to preservethevalley.com to find more information.

Todd Hartong, Cuyahoga Falls