Letter: Woodridge superintendent urges support for Issue 43

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Letter to the editor

Together, we’ve accomplished much. Over the years, with your support, we’ve created world class opportunities for our students. 

We’ve built new career programs in biotechnology and entrepreneurship. We’ve adopted contemporary curricular resources in key academic content areas. We’ve built new and updated existing facilities to create a campus for our students and the community.   Our students continue to succeed on the fields, courts, stages and in the classroom. With your ongoing support, we’ve accomplished much as we strive to maintain the traditions of excellence the district is known for.

Years ago, voters approved a bond issue for the construction of the middle school and renovations at other district buildings. You should have noticed on your recent tax bills that that bond issue has expired and is paid off. As such, your taxes have decreased accordingly. Additionally, this year, the Board of Education completed the process of refinancing bonds issued in 2016 for major construction projects. By refinancing those bonds, we have reduced the burden on taxpayers by over $1 million. Over the term of the bond issue, this is $1 million that taxpayers will not have to pay.

We continue to look for ways to save. If market conditions warrant, we will not hesitate to refinance again. We are doing everything we can to stretch resources and save. Now, we need your help.

Issue 43 on the Nov. 3 ballot is a renewal levy for the district. It is not a new tax. First passed by voters in 1992, this 2.09 mill renewal levy costs taxpayers $64 per $100,000 in property valuation. It raises approximately $1 million per year for district operations. Renewal is critical if we are to maintain our current operations and programs. Help keep the strong momentum going. I urge you to vote "yes" on Issue 43. 

Walter Davis, Superintendent