Letter: Wants to 'stop outsourcing of Safety Services Dispatch'

Kent Weeklies

A recent letter to the editor from current city officials about the proposed Regional Dispatch Center may be incorrect and misleading.

The statement about as many as 78 Dispatchers verse 14 in Stow implies there would be more dispatchers for Stow. The 78 (60 full time 18 part time) dispatchers is the current number of dispatchers when you add up all the potential entities involved. If you look at page 11 and 12 of the current proposal there is not a single scenario where you would keep more than 56 dispatchers and the part time would be eliminated totally.

The other major issue with this proposal is the fact that there has been no backup facility discussed or suggested for this massive regional center. This should be a major part of any agreement or discussion. In the event of a catastrophic weather event or even a simple mechanical or software issue that would disrupt service to the facility you must have an acceptable backup. There have been several times in the past couple years where Stow and others have had to be the backup for another community.

Although Mayor John Pribonic, finance director Jim Costello, law director Jamie Syx and a few other department heads have endorsed this, I am not aware of a single group of police, fire or dispatchers that have.

The ballot issue reads: Should the City of Stow be authorized to transfer control of the Safety Services Communication Center to a regional dispatch center.

This could directly affect the wellbeing and safety of your family and there are far too many unknowns and maybes to give the mayor and council a blank check. Stop the outsourcing of our Safety Services Dispatch - Vote "No."

Brian Lowdermilk, Stow