Letter: Urges sanctions on Turkey to support Armenian Christians

Kent Weeklies
Letter to the editor

The Armenian genocide from 1915-1923 was the systematic expulsion Armenians from their native homeland. Over 1.5 million Armenians were murdered by Turkey under the Ottoman government.

One hundred years later Armenian Christians are again under vicious military attack in Nagomo-Karabakh. The mountainous land in the Caucasus has been home to Armenian Christians for more than 2000 years.

Armenia became a Christian nation in 301 AD. when St Gregory the Illuminator convinced the King of Armenia to convert to Christianity and the nation has been Christian ever since. Today Azerbaijan with the military support of Turkey and jihadists from Syria and Libya is engaged in a violent campaign to drive out Armenians from their homeland.

The Christian faith of Armenians makes them a target, while American taxpayer dollars are being used in this religious driven military attack on Christian civilians. American weaponry sold to Turkey and Azerbaijan is killing Christian – Armenians.  

Citizens and this paper are asked to contact Ohio Senators and Congressman to call for an immediate halt to the war in Karabakh. A forceful sanction against Turkey is the only way to stop the murder of innocent civilians. 

Edward Davidian, Stow