Letter: Stow police, fire chiefs support Issue 23

Kent Weeklies

On Nov.3, Stow voters have an opportunity to help our safety forces move forward by supporting Issue 23. 

For 13 years, Stow has successfully operated a regional dispatch center. Now we want to improve on those services by merging into an enhanced center with our neighbors. Issue 23 gives us the ability to explore this option.

As chiefs of the safety forces in Stow, not only are we are charged with the well-being of our residents, but we also want what is best for our police officers, firefighters and dispatchers. We feel that passage of Issue 23 gives us a chance to explore this option without any increased costs to our budget.

With a combined 60 years of safety forces experience, we are supporting Issue 23 because we are confident that Stow residents, its businesses and our safety forces personnel will benefit from this regional dispatch center.

Jeffery Film, Chief of Police

Mark Stone, Chief of Fire