Letter: Stow mayor urges 'Yes' votes on school Issues 37 and 38

Kent Weeklies

On the Nov. 3 ballot this year you will see that the Stow-Munroe Falls school system has 2 levy issues. These are Issues 37 and 38. Both of these are renewal levies meaning there will be a zero increase in taxes. Issue 37 generates $4.6 million annually for five years and Issue 38 generates $6.5 million for ten years. These 2 levies combined make up 18% of the general fund operation. The passage of these 2 levies will simply preserve current funding. This is important as our district faces a $1.2 million in state funding reductions this last year. Our school board and administration have been very vigilant and are always are looking at ways to trim expenses while providing an excellent education to our students.

I have always preached that in order to have a successful city, you must have strong city leadership, successful thriving businesses and an excellent school system. When all three of these entities are strong and you have excellent collaboration, you will have success. Also it has been proven that an excellent school system will yield higher property values. A realtor will also tell you that one of the first questions a perspective buyer will ask is, “How are the schools?”

We can all be proud that our schools provide us with high marks in regards to our students’ academic achievement, excellent clubs, programs, and phenomenal sports teams. Our teachers and support staff are always of the highest quality serving our children not only educationally but emotionally.

I urge you to join with me on Nov. 3 to cast a "Yes" vote on Issue 37 and Issue 38 to keep our schools excellent.

Go Bulldogs!

Mayor John Pribonic, Stow