Letter: 'Love one another! Wear a mask!'

Kent Weeklies
Letter to the editor

I pulled up in front of our favorite Falls carry-out restaurant. I was about to get out of my car when a maskless man strode up and went inside. Since the place is tiny, I decided to wait until he’d left before going in.

With irritation, I watched him talk to cashier, pay, pick up his order and leave. I got out of my car as he exited and went to the door as he walked to his car.

Then I said, “You know there’s a mask mandate!” He either didn’t hear, or chose to ignore me. So, I repeated the words more loudly. “You know there’s a mask mandate!”  

This time he turned around, looked at me and shrugged, and got in his car.

By now, we all know that there’s a mask mandate. We need to remember why.

It’s not to instill fear, restrict personal freedom, make any leader look bad, or force political correctness. But to follow science, stop the spread of COVID-19, and save lives.

And, yes, we do it more for others than we do it for ourselves. It’s about neighborliness and compassion. I think about those working in that little restaurant, or in a supermarket, or some other commercial establishment, who are confronted daily by people who refuse to show them that kind of basic respect and care.  

We’d be a much healthier nation – not just physically but spiritually – if we’d take to heart these words I recently saw on a sign – “Love one another! Wear a mask!”

Rev. Steve Gehlert, Cuyahoga Falls