Mayor offers case to support city services

Eric Marotta
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Letter to the Editor
Letters to the editor

Last year I toured the “City of Bluebird” at a local preschool. The kids had built a perfect little city with everything from a police/fire station, hospital, shopping/restaurants and parks to play in. They were proud of their hard work and of everything Bluebird had to offer. These kids had worked together and built a city where their residents would feel loved, be safe, and have fun.

As a mayor, I am always talking about economic development, budgets, road projects, staffing, essential services and so on. But, at the end of the day I want the same thing as the kids. I want a community where our residents can “Feel Loved,” “Be Safe,” and “Have Fun.”

I think we do a good job meeting those simple ideals. Twinsburg offers its residents exceptional police and fire departments, outstanding city services, wastewater treatment, a fitness center, waterpark, golf course, senior center, youth sports, 40-plus city-wide events, an amphitheater, community gardens, miles of trails, and thousands of acres of park land.

Issue 24 has brought confusion and division. I came into office realizing it would be challenging and my vision for the city was not shared by everyone. I love this community and I want to see it grow and prosper.

The proponents of Issue 24 have suggested that we sell the golf course, privatize the fitness center and reduce our parks and recreation expenditures in lieu of authorizing charter millage. None of their proposed options would be long term solutions for the city’s financial needs. Mayor Perici, Mayor Karabec and Mayor Procop worked hard to bring this city an amphitheater, a fitness center, a waterpark and Gleneagles. Twinsburg is a special place because of these amenities and I plan on doing everything I can to make sure we keep them.

That is the reason I am asking you to vote "no" on Issue 24.

Ted Yates, Twinsburg Mayor