Letter: Urges Hudson voters to know where council candidates stand

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Letter to the editor

We are deeply dismayed at what’s happening in Hudson. First the attacks on Bill Wooldredge, council president, and now the attack on Jane Howington, city manager. The Hudson Hub-Times on Oct. 11 reported a letter “signed by 20 residents” was sent to ICMA to assess whether Jane had violated the ICMA’s Code of Ethics. Twenty residents out of 24,000.

We admire Howington and all she has brought to our town. Hudson is not the darling little town it used to be. But as it has grown in population, great pains have been taken to keep it charming, to keep Route 91 two-lanes, to protect the Village Greens, to keep big boxes out and a viable town center. Walking paths have been added; traffic lights have been added and adjusted to move traffic more smoothly. Holiday traditions continue, even in this strange year of COVID-19. The lighting of the Greens will go on and families can take pictures from under the biggest tree, just like they always do.

The city's economic development arm has never been more active, drawing small businesses into downtown and larger ones into business parks. City staff have been centralized in a beautiful new city hall, with room for group meetings including the Hudson Senior Citizens. Jane Howington has not only “adopted” the senior group as part of her responsibilities, but has initiated the formation of NextGen Hudson, a group encouraging younger business people and entrepreneurs to get together and become active in our city.

Twenty residents, who think they speak for the majority of Hudson. I hope you will join me in proving them wrong. Please, everyone, vote the local piece of this election. Know your candidate for city council and with whom they have aligned themselves.

We are selling our beloved home in Hudson and moving to a condo in Hudson, because we like Hudson the way it has been, and how it is moving forward.

Liz Murphy and Greg Wybel, Hudson