Says 'all-in' approach to school is wrong move in worsening pandemic

Kent Weeklies

The Hudson School Board needs to put the safety of students, staff, and the community above misguided pressure to resume the “all-in” plan as they have been considering.  

Science and data tell us that COVID-19 spread and health risk are headed in the wrong direction at our country, state, and community levels. As of Oct. 10, Summit County was in Orange, Level 2 Public Emergency status, characterized as increased exposure and spread, with recommendation to exercise a high degree of caution. The adjacent county of Portage was in Red, Level 3 status, experiencing very high exposure and spread, with recommendation to limit activities as much as possible.

In his Coronavirus Press briefing on Oct. 8, Governor DeWine said every single number is going the wrong way. He said 96% of Ohio is now in orange or red emergency status. There were 18 red counties, the highest since July 23, and there are 58 orange counties, the worst ever during this pandemic.

DeWine stated that not enough people are wearing masks, and not enough people are following the social distancing guidance. In Ohio, the positivity rate was down to a daily low of 2.5% in mid September with a seven-day moving average low of 2.7% the week of Sept. 18.

Since then the positivity rate has been increasing, and as of Oct. 7 the daily rate was up to 3.8% and the seven-day moving average was up to 3.4%. Nationally, on Oct 9. the United States posted its highest daily new case number of 57,420 since Aug. 14.

To resume 5-day in-person classes for all students while this disease is accelerating is reckless and irresponsible.  We need to maintain and even expand the ability for students to attend class via video and maintain and social distancing for the foreseeable future.

Ken Nadsady, Hudson