Letter: A vote for the Woodridge levy is a vote for our community

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Letters to the editor

As a parent whose children graduated from Woodridge, I am also a Realtor that has served our community for 30 years. I am writing today to urge your considered support of Woodridge Local Schools with supporting evidence of my personal and professional experience.

Business and home owners that share in this great community have been fortunate to see their property values not just maintain but steadily increase, especially in the past few years.. While there are a multitude of reasons for this, having a strong public school district is always a key factor. As a significant number of homes in the district are designed for families, I am often asked about the quality of our schools by new home buyers. Woodridge has always been a quality asset to my customers. 

As a parent whose children graduated from the district, I can assure you that the education they received has set them up for success – they were very well prepared for their collegiate studies.

From the Realtor perspective, I can tell you that failing schools can impact property values by as much as 7 to 10%. However, it is more than just the value of your property that declines, it is the quality of the community as a whole. This is easy to validate by driving out to area communities that have stopped supporting their schools. Consider the business community, the restaurants, the professional services, grocery and retail establishments, and compare to see if they match those of our community. Schools, businesses and our homes are all interconnected and a community stays vibrant as it attracts new residents and families. Families, in return, want quality schools. It is important that we maintain an environment that remains desirable and competitive.

When we support our local schools, we are not just supporting the opportunities that enable our children to be successful; we are in fact supporting the foundation of what we proudly call home.

Tom Boggs, Cuyahoga Falls