Letter: Thanks leaders, teachers, first responders in Tallmadge

Kent Weeklies

I would like to thank all of the leaders in the city of Tallmadge for the ongoing great services, safety, parks and recreation and all around good leadership by the mayor, safety forces and administration and the laborers who carry out the day to day work!

The green cross walk signs are a big help by the walking/bike trail at the circle. More motorists are noticing and slowing down for walkers/bikers.

Thank you also to the leaders who helped Tallmadge be pointed out as a city that handles finances with integrity, honesty and professionalism in handling our money.

Thank you to the school teachers and administration for keeping us going during COVID as you make hard decisions almost daily. I appreciate your efforts!

Thank you to the police men and women who daily risk lives to protect us! I feel safer with you out there. Thank you to the fire department/EMS for quick responses and readiness!

Steve Bauer, Tallmadge