Letter: Writer offers poetic opposition to Macedonia Issue 20

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Once upon a time there was a spendthrift mayor, but he did not realize that he would have to pay sooner than later.

He was left with a choice to save or to plunder, but his addiction for spending would not go asunder.

So, he asked for a levy all over town, but the wise people of Macedonia voted it down.

Seething in withdraw, he would try a new campaign: this time, he would bring the pain.

Vote yes, he reigned, or essential services will not be maintained.

In a frenzied panic, the town caved to the command, and the levy was passed without reprimand.

So pleased was he with his new loot, he gave himself a raise and a new director to boot.

Another year has gone by and it’s never enough, so here comes a renewal and it’s time to get tough.

Vote yes, he pleads, or you can forget about essential service needs.

Never mind that the tax on your land just so happens to match the new radio plan.

Macedonia, we should not be treated like sheep as this Wolf cries us to sleep.

We are defiantly taxed plenty, so in November vote "no" on Issue 20.

Dave Finley, Macedonia