Letter: Supports police, but cites 0.1 percent 'problem'

Kent Weeklies
Letter to the editor

Yes, I too support the police. They are an integral part of our communities, maintaining law and order, keeping us safe, protecting us from people who would do us harm.

I see various yard signs and an aberration of our national flag (that is OK, but kneeling for the pledge is not!) springing up in support of the police. This is no coincidence. People are being sold on the idea that it is imperative to support the police, and anyone who does not accept this concept is by definition against the police and against law and order. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Let me make it clear – I support and respect our police. I will always support reasonable first responder levies. I will not support calls to defund the police – that is a foolish concept. I will comply with any reasonable police order. However, given the numerous killings by police, I will also comply with any unreasonable police order because I am afraid of being shot, being knelt upon, or being otherwise beaten into submission. I should not feel this way about our police – 99.9% of our police are decent human beings. As in any profession, it is the 0.1% which is a problem.

I will end with one thought: my youngest son is autistic. If his disease kicks in, will he risk being shot or restrained and suffocated by an overzealous police officer, or can he – and we, his family – hope that a trained professional will intervene? 

Displaying yard signs without acknowledging real problems is hypocrisy. I hope you will join me in agreeing that while we reasonable people support the police, we also demand the right to be treated humanely.

Farhad Sethna, Macedonia