Letter: Will be voting 'No' on Issue 23 regarding Regional Dispatch Center

Kent Weeklies

It appears that every five years when the Charter Review Commission meets and has recommendations, the commission always want to reverse what the Stow residents have already voted on in previous years. Stow residents have consistently said they want “term limits.” Yet the members of the Charter Review always want to find a way to overturn the desires of the Stow residents.

The previous council members left the city of Stow with a greatly improved budget. The previous council cut the debt by $15 million and put more money into the roads and storm water program. There still remains a need to repair the roads for the city of Stow. This should be of top priority for the current city council.

The previous council wanted the current council to hold extensive meetings with information on the safety and financial aspects of forming a Regional Dispatch Center. I have not seen any extensive meetings from this council to inform the Stow residents on the financial cost or the safety of our officers when forming a Regional Dispatch Center.

Numbers are growing of dispatch centers that consolidated and are now getting out or have had serious problems. Bedford and Elyria have both gotten out of their COG. Some of the Dispatch Centers failed to provide quality service and put their officers lives at risk.

Stow residents have NOT been given adequate information on the Dispatch Center Issue.

Personally I will be voting "No" on Issue 23 and hope that Stow residents will take the time to investigate and ask many questions before voting "Yes "to give up local control of Stow's dispatch to a Regional Dispatch Center.

Mary Mumper, Stow