Letter: Appreciate Councilman Fiocca's efforts to deal with recurring storm sewer issues

Kent Weeklies

Too often, an individual’s dedication and commitment to their work is brushed under the rug with the phrase, “I was just doing my job.”

Even though that may be true, this letter is to recognize Ward 4 Councilman, Mario Fiocca, for going above and beyond in "doing his job."

On the first day we moved into our Stow home 17 years ago, we experienced a water issue not previously disclosed. Throughout the years, Mayors Fritschel, Kline and Pribonic have visited our residence to gain insight and perspective regarding the storm sewer issue; each one has stated the storm system would be rectified. Numerous discussions with city engineers, in addition to attending multiple council meetings to better understand the proposed improvements, has resulted in empty promises, missed dates and apologies for not keeping us properly informed.

This spring, we contacted Councilman Fiocca, to discuss the reoccurring problem. Since the first contact, Mr. Fiocca has been an advocate in representing our concerns to city engineers and leadership. He has even come to our home during inclement weather to assist in clearing the city drains.

In the summer of 2020, Mayor Pribonic promised construction would occur this September. In a Stow Sentry article titled, "Stow leaders continue to take steps to address flooding issues," Stow Chief of Staff Nicholas Wren stated, “Greentree Road is being addressed this fall.” Yet, in a phone call from Mr. Fiocca, we learned that once again, the proposed date for construction has been moved and is now scheduled for spring, 2021.

We, as well as many Stow citizens, have endured a great deal due to the antiquated storm sewers. Based on the 17+ years of lack of communication and action, it is difficult to trust that construction will begin next spring. However, we feel with Mr. Fiocca, we are in the best situation to continue to have this issue front and center with Stow Council and to receive updated communication regarding the planning. This is something we have not experienced in the past and want to publicly thank Mr. Fiocca for his continued service as our councilman. 

Chris and Tamara Bechtel, Stow