Letter: Writer argues for 'Keeping Girls in School Act'

Eric Marotta
Kent Weeklies
Letter to the editor

The “Keeping Girls in School Act” (H.R.2153/S.1071) is a substantial piece of legislation currently in Senate committee after passing a House vote.

This bill has been popularly  accepted in a bipartisan manner due to the nature of the subject matter.

Generally speaking this bill will authorize USAID “to enter into acquisition, assistance, or financing agreements to address societal, cultural, health, and other barriers that adolescent girls face in accessing quality secondary education.”

This so important because globally, girls aged 10-19 years old are three times more likely than their male cohorts to not have access to secondary education whether it be due to financial, social or circumstantial restrictions.

If passed, this bill will expand accessibility for these young women as well as create a new market as if all women had access to 12 years of guaranteed, safe education, it is projected lifetime earnings for women would increase by $15-30 trillion; surely no meager amount.

I applaud U.S. Rep. David Joyce and Sen. Rob Portman for supporting this bill and hope to see Sen. Sherrod Brown join the extensive, bipartisan list of supporters soon.

Nick Lawrence Belofsky, Aurora