Letter: Urges voters to support Akron Zoo levy on ballot

Kent Weeklies

Before COVID, I frequently went to the Akron Zoo and truly enjoyed spending time visiting the animals. When the zoo was closed because of COVID, I missed not being able to go there. I kept checking social media to see when they were going to reopen. During the closure, I read about all the things the zoo was doing to help Summit County residents.

The zoo found creative ways to support the community like donating their supply of N-95 masks to local healthcare facilities, distributing free meals in their parking lot and providing free content to help parents who were having to homeschool their children during the shutdown. They created an educational video series that was on Facebook every day at noon. It brought the zoo into your living room and it was full of great information about the animals.

Now that the zoo is open, it has taken all the safety precautions recommended by the local health department to help stop the spread of COVID and try to protect visitors while they enjoy the zoo. They have also continued to serve the community by hosting a blood drive and creating more virtual educational programming.

The Akron Zoo has a levy on the ballot this November. I hope that Summit County residents remember how our Zoo stepped up in this time of need and will show them the same support.

A huge "thank you’"to our Akron Zoo staff for their efforts to keep us learning and safe during this crisis.

Lee Neal, Tallmadge