Letter: Says questions on Regional Dispatch Center have not been answered

Kent Weeklies

There is a fiduciary responsibility of Stow City Council to the residents of Stow to act in the residents' best interest. To fulfill this responsibility the following questions must be asked and answered to the residents satisfaction and a vote approved by the residents.

Why the move? When the current center is expandable?

What will the total cost be in preparation of the new site to include: power demand, security demands, renovation, installation of equipment; radio, antennas etc., moving costs from Stow etc.?

What government bureaucracy or government agency will be in control? How will they be selected, will they be paid, receive PERS, medical insurance, vacation time, other compensation like travel pay, free phones? To whom will they answer? Will they hire, fire, and set the wages of the dispatchers and other personnel? From where will their funds derive? Will they have the power of taxation? Will they have term limits, if so how long?

Why is moving control of the safety forces away from local control a good idea? Is this an unnecessary expansion of government?

After all of these question have been answered to the satisfaction of the majority of the residents of Stow and have voted approval should this plan go forward. None of these questions have been answered.

Joseph H. Mumper, Stow