Letter: Offers support for Akron Zoo

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Letter to the editor

As a Summit County resident, I would like to share my support for our Akron Zoo and the wonderful learning opportunities it provides to our community. I encourage readers to join me in voting for the Akron Zoo on the ballot this November.

The Akron Zoo is invaluable in terms of educational opportunities in our area. As an informal science learning center and an accredited member of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, the Akron Zoo provides unique, STEM and science-based education and outreach programs for kids, seniors and families that focus on endangered species and conservation programs.

The zoo also has a lot of educational content available online. I feel this is incredibly important, especially at a time where parents are looking for safe, alternative learning opportunities while many children are participating in at home learning due to COVID-19. I hope that Summit County residents will show their support by voting for Issue 47.

Darilyn Simon, Twinsburg