Letter: Offers advice on voting

Kent Weeklies

As we approach this critical election, it is important to obtain unbiased information on those who are seeking elected office.  For totally non-partisan information, in the words of the candidates themselves, the League of Women Voters sponsored website,  www.vote411.org, is the place to go.  

The website is easy to use. As you prepare to vote, you can simply enter your home address, and then view the candidates and issues on your specific ballot.

Clicking on a race will bring up the responses of the candidates to questions on a range of issues. Additionally, candidate forums can be viewed. Most judicial candidates responded, as well, so you will have all the info you need to make all of your decisions. You can then even print your preferences from www.vote411.org, and take them with you to the polls.  

You have several options of how to vote this election. You should make a plan from these choices. If voting absentee, complete your ballot carefully, following all directions. You may then either mail your ballot to the Summit County Board of Elections, as soon as possible, or deliver your completed ballot to a drop box at the Board of Elections.  

If voting in person, you may vote at the Board of Elections Office now until Nov. 2. And, of course, you can vote, as always, at your assigned precinct on Nov. 3 between 6:30 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. Due to the pandemic some polling places have changed, so make sure you confirm your voting location.

Mary Ellen and Bill Carroll, Hudson