Letter: Disagrees on who 'wasted tax dollars' in Stow

Kent Weeklies

A recent letter celebrating the Ohio Supreme Court ruling that sided with city council in denying the voters of Stow an opportunity to vote on the Charter Review Commission recommendations misrepresented both who was playing politics and who was responsible for wasted tax dollars.

Why would a block of city council members go through such strenuous efforts to negate the work of the Charter Review Commission, including hiring expensive outside legal counsel? The commission attempted to replace language that unfairly punishes individuals for filling the seats of officials who leave office before their term expires. In short, it was a play to get Mayor John Pribonic out of office early since he filled Mayor Sara Kline’s seat when she left office before her term expired.

Again, who is playing politics? In bringing in outside attorneys, a block of councilmen of the same party wasted thousands of tax payer dollars - just to have a political advantage over the mayor – and prevent the voters from deliberating on some good ideas. The former councilman who authored the letter and his protégées on the current council must have a very low opinion of the voters of Stow.

It is ludicrous to assert that Mayor Pribonic stacked the commission since council members review and confirm potential commission members. Mayor Pribonic supported candidates from all parties in the last election and continues to provide a high level of service despite the intransigence of some council members. Who should be held accountable for things not getting done in Stow?

Unfortunately, former council members who did nothing to move Stow forward during their eight years in office have been able to fill their seats with people of a similar attitude - partisans willing to waste tax payer money for political gain instead of solving problems and investing in our “non-partisan” community.

David Licate, Stow